Cruelty Free Blogs to Inspire

Favorite cruelty free blogs

Being cruelty free is a lifestyle choice that at times might seem difficult because of the crazy amount of information thrown at you from every direction. Who tests? who doesn’t test? which app is better? who has the best list?
Whenever I’m in doubt or am looking for inspiration, these are the blogs I usually turn to:

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Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme

Milani Amore Metallics started as limited edition and became so popular they are now permanent - review and swatches ahead

Ever since seeing these Milani Amore Matte Mettalic lip cremes popping up all over my YouTube I was interested. They looked so shiny and fun and were selling out like crazy. Not only that, but since they were doing so well Milani even decided to promote them from Limited Edition to Permanent.
At the same time Colorpop also came out with a metallic line so I was a little on the fence about who to try. In the end Milani was much easier for me to get, plus I liked the reviews.

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Cruelty Free Roundup – August 2016

An in depth update of everything that's happening in the cruelty free world and the progress being made on all fronts

Can you believe it’s already the end of August? How is it possible that summer is already coming to an end and I’m not even tanned?
I hope everyone had an amazing time. Hit me up in the comments and make me jealous with your stories.

So, what’s been going on lately?
Well, let’s say it’s been interesting.

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Why BSL is Complete BS

Photo by Sophie Gamand. Pitbulls, or any dog for that matter, are not born evil. Which is why BSL laws are ridiculous

BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation, are laws passed in certain countries/areas against specific breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous” by the legislator. They usually target Pit bulls and “Pit bull like” dogs (whatever that means), and ban their existence within the limits of that community. If an owner is found with a dangerous breed of dog, it will be confiscated and euthanised (murdered).

These laws started somewhere in the 1980s following intense media reporting at the time. It’s not that “dangerous” dogs weren’t around before or that biting incidents didn’t happen. But as anyone who has watched season 5 of The Wire knows – when the media wants something to be an issue it becomes an issue.

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Cruelty Free Roundup – 4 month to catch up!

An in depth update of everything that's happening in the cruelty free world and the progress being made on all fronts

Hey there cruelty free lovers!

Before writing this post I went back to see what were the last updates and when the last roundup was. I am ashamed to say it was 4 months ago! There hasn’t been a cruelty free roundup since MARCH.

Since then a lot of stuff has been going on though, so let’s dig in deep and start catching up. Some is good, some is bad but we’ll take it all in stride.

Here we go:

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Hot Tresses Hair Rehab

Hot Tresses Rehab Plan will completely change your hair. It is also cruelty and vegan!

I have a Samson-like relationship with my hair. It is my best feature and I have always relied on it.
But recently, maybe for the last year or so, my hair and I haven’t been on the best of terms. Why? Because since moving to Italy the constant humidity and tough water have made my hair completely unmanageable!
It’s become dry and frizzy and all around miserable. I sensed I was losing my power!

So, after 6 months of only wearing my hair up I decided to really invest and ordered the Hot Tresses Hair Rehab Treatment. I came across Hot Tresses on Instagram when someone mentioned they were in the 2015 Oscars swag bags for all the stars. The appeal of using the same products as Jennifer Lawrence was just too strong.

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June LaRitzy Box

The LaRitzy monthly subscription box was packed full of cruelty free and vegan skincare and makeup in June 2016

June has come and gone and the LaRitzy July subscription boxes will be shipped out in a week. But just as June was ending my box arrived (it did have to get all the way to Italy).
So, even though this is a little late, I’m going to review it for you anyway.

Quite a big piece of news before we get started – this week LaRitzy subscribers received an email explaining

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Cruelty Free – Am I Doing it Right?

A bunny just like this could be tested on for cosmetics

Hi amazingly patient readers!
Popping in during a small study break for a short post and then I dive back into my books. One more month of exams to go!

I wanted to talk today about something I’ve have been thinking of for a while. Lately I have been seeing a sort of hesitation going around regarding going cruelty free. People don’t know if they are doing it right? who can they trust? one person says a certain brand is cruelty free and another says it isn’t. It all gets very confusing.

First of all, being cruelty free is a choice one doesn’t make lightly. The decision usually comes following a period of some thought about the process. You might go back and forth, have some thoughts about it, wonder how difficult it would be.
But that’s always what it is – a process.

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Lily Lolo Mineral Blushes

Mineral blushes by Lily Lolo come in 13 shades, are highly pigmented and have a reasonable price tag

Lily Lolo is a brand I have already talked about (remember?). They are based in the UK but have been spreading like crazy internationally. They have a UK site, a USA/Canada site and are sold by various distributors throughout the world.
Their popularity stems from them being a much trusted green beauty brand with mostly vegan products (not all).
I found them after looking to switch foundations and fell in love. I now use their mineral foundation all the time and have difficulty switching to liquid on the off occasion more coverage is needed (reminder).

First time I went on their site I was so mesmerized I almost bought everything, including some very good mineral blushes. Let’s take a closer look.

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Make Me Blush by Barry M

Barry M Make Me Blush cream stick blushes - easy to use, compact, long lasting and Cruelty Free/Vegan

As it turns out – I am in love with cream blushes. They are so blendable, easy to use and most times I just use my fingers instead of a brush. There are no powders flying everywhere when traveling and they are much more durable for an accident prone person like myself who can barely take two steps without tripping, let alone maintain the integrity of my makeup. Things crash to the ground all the time!

If you recall, the first ones I tried were by Neve Cosmetics. Then one day while browsing Asos (my favorite site), I came across the Barry M Make Me Blush cream blushes. I thought the idea was excellent, since they come in a stick form and can be applied directly to the cheeks without even using fingers or a brush.

Let’s see if they are any good.

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