Cruelty Free Roundup – August 2016

All the cruelty free news for August 2016

Can you believe it’s already the end of August? How is it possible that summer is already coming to an end and I’m not even tanned?
I hope everyone had an amazing time. Hit me up in the comments and make me jealous with your stories.

So, what’s been going on lately?
Well, let’s say it’s been interesting.

Italian MP against vegans – Italian MP, Elvira Savino, from the “Forza Italia” party proposed a law against parents who give their children a vegan diet. Up to 2 years in jail for children under 3, up to 1 year for older. This proposition was made after the 3rd case of malnutrition in a child sustained by a vegan diet since 2015. I’m not worried though. In the past few years Italy has seen a rise in vegan diets and parliament has 3 propositions awaiting voting in support of vegan options in public settings. Furthermore, the new mayor of Turin stated her party would prioritise healthier diets in her town. Vegan diets are on the top of her list.

New vegan and cruelty free catalogue – A while ago Ethical Elephant launched their new and improved website, also containing a very handy cruelty free and vegan guide. The catalogue contains all cruelty free and vegan products with photos and where to buy. Very user friendly and easy to navigate.

Method is no longer cruelty free – Most of you probably know about this, but Method products are no longer cruelty free. Method, mostly sold in the USA and UK were a very good and natural option for cleaning products. Unfortunately, a while ago they started testing on Daphnia (water fleas) claiming that it is obligatory in the EU. However, they still maintain their Leaping Bunny status since LP doesn’t consider Daphnia testing as animal testing.

Beagles are used in pharmaceutical testing. The beagle Freedom Project aims to find them new homes when testing is over

Some good news to round us out and start the weekend:
Beagle Freedom Law – New York becomes the 5th state in the USA to pass the Beagle Freedom law. This law obligates all state funded research labs to hand over Beagles left from testing. The law gives these sweet animals a chance at being adopted into a loving home instead of being euthanised. New York joins Minnesota, California, Connecticut and Nevada. If you’d like to help the foundation go here to donate or adopt.

And that’s it for August. There was some good, some bad but that’s how these things go.
If you think I’ve missed anything, let me know so I can include it next time. Have a great weekend!

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