Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme

Ever since seeing these Milani Amore Matte Mettalic lip cremes popping up all over my YouTube I was interested. They looked so shiny and fun and were selling out like crazy. Not only that, but since they were doing so well Milani even decided to promote them from Limited Edition to Permanent.
At the same time Colorpop also came out with a metallic line so I was a little on the fence about who to try. In the end Milani was much easier for me to get, plus I liked the reviews.

Damn if I didn’t feel special when I saw all that gold coming at me when I opened the box!
I saw the tubes online but it really is something else seeing them in real life. They’re so shiny it’s crazy, and it really complements the metallic, glittery lipstick inside.
Seeing as Milani is considered a drugstore brand with very reasonable prices this is a smart packaging. Gold, to me, always makes something look richer.

Product Review:
After watching a few videos I decided on 3 colors: Cinematic Kiss – Pink, Mattely in Love – Red and Automatic Touch – dark purple.
They claim to be resistant for up to 16 hours, transfer and kiss proof. For the most part I can tell you they deliver.
On the one hand we have Mattely in Love and Automatic Touch that are crazy amazing! One layer is enough for shiny lips that really are kiss proof. I wore each for about 6 hours – nothing moved and my lips stayed shiny. I even ate and drank with them and everything stayed perfect. And no, I’m not the drink-through-straws-to-keep-my-lipstick-fresh kind of gal.
Also, they don’t give a grainy feeling despite the subtle glitter and and they dry as a shiny matte color.
Can fall/winter come already so I have an excuse to wear them every day?

Milani Amore Metallic swatches
L-R: Automatic Touch, Cinemaic Kiss, Mattely in Love

On the other hand we have Cinematic Kiss – BIG disappointment. The color is a sweet pink with a little coral so I thought of it for maybe day time in the summer. But there are a few problems:
The formula is runnier than the other ones. This causes the application to be very patchy. One layer isn’t enough, and 2 still didn’t look too good.
But the most disappointing thing was that it actually started flaking after 2-3 hours. I was just sitting and studying when small flakes of pink started falling off. Terrible. especially since the other two are so good.
I don’t know anything about lipstick formulas but maybe it has to do with Cinematic Kiss being a lighter color. Anyone else have this experience?

At 8.99 Euros of course I would buy them again (except for Cinematic Kiss – hope they change the formula)!
In fact, now that they are a permanent product Milani has even added 2 new colors to the metallic line. One is a dark red I’ll probably be aiming for. They also changed the packaging and the tube is now square like all their other liquid lipsticks, but the gold is still there don’t worry.

So what do you think? Love them or Hate them?


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