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Favorite cruelty free blogs

Being cruelty free is a lifestyle choice that at times might seem difficult because of the crazy amount of information thrown at you from every direction. Who tests? who doesn’t test? which app is better? who has the best list?
Whenever I’m in doubt or am looking for inspiration,Β these are the blogs I usually turn to:

  • Logical Harmony – Run by Tashina Combs this is probably the most well-known among cruelty free beauty lovers. This blog has been recommended to me by practically everyone and with good reason. It has a seriously comprehensive list of companies, each thoroughly checked by Tashina herself, and updated weekly. And because of its popularity, this blog gets to review a very large amount of products as soon as they hit the market or even before so you’re always up to date. This should be your first stop.
  • Cruelty Free GoddessΒ – Blogged by the lovely Erin (who also gave me a short interview) and after moving from her much successful tumblr account, this site has reviews on any product you ever thought you could need or want. She also has a bunch of promotional codes and brand discounts for you.
  • Ethical Elephant – This Vegan lifestyle blog written by Vicky contains so much information on cruelty free living, from in depth analysis on various companies to how to shop for faux leather shoes. The site has also recently been redesigned and features an awesome vegan and cruelty free makeup catalogue.
  • Lovely Witches – Maintained by the lovely Gemima, this blog has the best aesthetic. She also takes such beautiful pictures I’m absolutely in love with her instagram account. This blog also features many interviews by cruelty free bloggers so it’s nice and easy to get to know more of them.
  • The Vegan Taff – A cruelty free beauty blog with a little extra. Kelly Palmer gives you the best mani Mondays I’ve seen, but also, the piece she wrote about people living with PTSD pushed me to consider the way I treat people who went through a breaking point in their lives.
  • Cruelty Free Kitty – This is probably the first site I started reading out of everyone. Suzie curates a wonderful set of resources such as a cruelty free company list and a lot of reviews, but also has a very nice section about blogging 101 I used extensively in order to start blogging.
    On top of that CFK has recently compiled a great list of cruelty free bloggers.
  • Flying Through WaterΒ – Nikki has been really supportive of my blogging from the beginning which I have very much appreciated. She writes about many things but her passion for animals is apparent. The main message of this blog is – be kind, be compassionate.
  • Makeup GuineaPig – Go say hello to Christine on her completely amazing cruelty free makeup blog where, like a true guinea-pig, she tries out a very wide range of products for you.
  • Reasonable Raven – Ever wondered what animal derived ingredients are in your makeup? check out Reasonable Raven’s list.

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