10 Q&As Vegetarians/Vegans Get All the Time

It’s January!
Which also means – it’s Veganuary! A whole month where people who have thought about going vegan give it a go.
The campaign has gone from strength to strength over the past few years with more people signing up.
By the way – it’s not too late. You can always sign up here to get your starter kit and a ton of info.

But what if you’re a friend or a family member of a vegan/vegetarian/veganuarian? You probably have a ton of questions for them! But those vegans always look so scary and pissed off…what to do?
Thing is though, we’re very nice, it’s just that we’ve probably heard all your questions before. So, here’s a little Q&A to help you understand your friends/family members better.

10 Questions and Answers Vegetarians/Vegans Get All the Time:

1. Q: Do you eat fish?
A: Does it have a face?
Yes –> not vegetarian
No –> vegetarian!
Apply this logic every time and you will successfully avoid a crisis.

2. Q: Don’t plants have feelings too?
A: Plants may be sentient in some way, the research shows there’s something there (and I mean, did you see “sausage party”??). But! we do still have to eat something, and on a scale of do the least harm this is the best we can do. At least plants begin their lives growing free in their own environment. Also, I’m sure if it’s 100% proven we’ll find a way to be nicer to them too 🙂

A: I’m not mad boo, I’ve just been sitting here for 20 minutes smiling at veggie jokes and listening to how yummy meat is.

10 questions vegans and vegetarians get all the time - and their answers

4. Q: But if we don’t use animals for food they’ll go extinct because that’s their only purpose, isn’t it?
A: Interesting question but animals might be doing OK without us. A few examples: lions, elephants, crocodiles, mice, hawks, short-toed eagles, siberian tigers, polar bears, brown bears, penguins, armadillos, deer, fennec foxes, hyenas, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, tortoises, brown sea turtles, green sea turtles, mountain goats, gorillas, lemurs, bonobo monkeys, sloths, squirrels.

5. Q: Aren’t you all anemic?
A: No…well I am but that doesn’t count.

6. Q: Is semen vegan?
A: See answer no. 1 ^

7. Q: How can you live without pizza??
A: No problem for vegetarians. Also, vegan pizzas yay!

8. Q: What’s the point of eating a vegan kebab that tastes like meat? Just eat meat.
A: Mmmm…I think that would technically mean I’m not vegan/vegetarian anymore….

9. Q: What’s the deal with avocado?
A: It’s just the most perfect piece of food ever created! (if you don’t miss the 2 hour window when it’s not too hard, not too soft or has already spoiled)

10. Q: Why are you only interested in helping animals? What about Syrian refugees? And Darfur? And human trafficking?
A: The answer to this one will be a serious one. As I see it, in a world where so many horrible things are going on I help where I can. So when possible I donate time and/or money to causes I can help. If it gives just one being a moment of joy or relief then it’s worth it. Not eating meat, being cruelty free in my cosmetic choices and not wearing fur are simple and easy ways to strive for a better world.
The fact that I can’t adopt every dog or save every refugee doesn’t mean I should turn a blind eye to other areas where I can make a difference.

And that’s it! This post was of course meant to be a little cheeky 😉
Hope some of you found it amusing. I definitely had fun researching and writing it.

Have a great year!

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