Nabla Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick

Nabla Cosmetics new Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks - cruelty free, vegan and affordable

Liquid Lipsticks have definitely been having their moment for just over a year now.
Yes of course they’ve always been around, but now it’s also become a real thing. And for good reason – they’re light, they come in a bunch of different finishes, and most of all they stay on for HOURS.

That’s why allll the brands want to have them right now. From big money makers like Kat Von D to indie brands like Fairy Girl, everyone has their own version, and for the most part they’re all pretty good.
In this girl’s opinion it just comes down to – cost, availability, cruelty free/vegan status.
And since Nabla Cosmetics are 100% vegan and Peta and Logical Harmony approved – this is already a huge plus.

The Dreamy Matte packaging is beautiful with gold and silver stars on a black background.
The tube itself is standard but perfect – milky/transparent tube with gold tap, and thick so less likely to break in your bag.
My one complaint? As pretty as the outer packaging is, it’s too big and wasteful. I get the idea of wanting to do something new and different, but all the plastic is a bit much.

Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Roses
Shade Roses – Packaging and Swatch

When you first open the Dreamy Matte tube there’s an amazing vanilla smell. It doesn’t last on the lips but it definitely gives you a nice start to your morning. (I’ve already talked here about my love for desert scented makeup)
The applicator isn’t anything new but, compared to some like certain NYX lipsticks, this one helps get a near perfect application.
Of course the most important part is the formula itself. Since this liquid lippie is so pigmented, one swipe should be enough for full coverage. It’s very light weight and you basically can’t feel it for the whole day. Speaking of, this lipstick does. not. budge. unless – you eat greasy food or remove with an oil based/2-phase makeup remover.

The shade range is pretty good. Out of everything I chose Roses – a soft everyday pink, good for low-key days. Steph over at The Zombie Said chose Sweet Gravity (nude shade) so be sure to check her review for a swatch of that.

2 small negatives1. Like all liquid matte lipsticks, it tends to dry out your lips. 2. The formula is a little runnier than others so you have to really take off excess before applying. You should also let dry for a few moments longer than usual for the same reason.

The new Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick - Review and Swaches

Would I buy again:
100% YES.
At 14.90 Euros these Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks are affordable, vegan, cruelty free, good quality and easy to get in Europe (FINALLY at least someone!).
Plus the shade range is awesome. With 14 shades, from nudes to black to teal, you’ll probably find something you can’t live without. At minimum you can find some good basic pieces to last you a while.

Tell me – who’s tried them? would you buy if you haven’t?

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