Biomed Skincare Review

Biomed Organics skincare - a review of 2 interesting products

Skincare has always been an issue for me. Since I’m allergic to a lot of products, most of them don’t work for me. Those that do work sometimes don’t do the job because they are too bland and I get frustrated.
So anytime I discover a new potential brand I get excited about it, but I’m also cautious.

Which is why when I was contacted by Biomed to try some of their stuff I was excited and interested to see if they would work.
They sent over some products, 2 of which I think you guys should know about.

Vein Vanish:

Oh spider veins…*sigh*…
I started developing them way back in my 20s and they just never stop do they?
Enter Vein Vanish – a daily cream meant to decrease and prevent the appearance of those spidies. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement, since the main treatment today is painful injections that block off the vein. So, if this could be handled by a simple daily cream wouldn’t everyone be on it by now?

The idea behind the product is interesting. It’s basically a light VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) blocker. What’s that?!
VEGF is the agent in your body that helps build (or rebuild) your blood network. For example when you get nicked by something and start bleeding, during healing the tissue has certain steps. One of the steps  is calling in VEGF to get blood capillaries restored to the injured site.

I think you can see now how Biomed’s Vein Vanish would work then – cut off the agent stimulating growth and the veins won’t spread.
Ok great biology lesson but does it work?
I’m actually glad to say that yes it does work moderately well! But you really really have to use it daily to get the full effect and for at least 2 months to see marked results.
For me, there was one area where the veins have almost completely gone, one where they have faded a lot and one that hasn’t changed much. So it’s sort of a mixed bag.
Would I buy it? I think I would. At 30 Euros per unit that lasts over 3 months (depending how large the treatment ares is) and does the job well enough so I can put off injections – why not?

Biomed skincare - vein vanish for spider vein removal and the 24h Detox night cream, both cruelty free and vegan
                How pretty is the 24 Detox cream?

Pure Detox 24h Cream:

This my friends!
This is THE PERFECT night cream. It didn’t give me any allergies or puffy eyes (amazing) and it’s just an all around great hydrating product.
I have mixed skin, so oily T-zone and dry chin and cheeks but somehow the cream managed to balance everything out. T-zone wasn’t oily in the morning and chin and cheeks weren’t dry anymore. For me it’s a little heavy as a day cream since I like light gels, but as a night cream it’s up there with the best I’ve tried.
On top of everything I’m sort of addicted to the smell!

I honestly can’t find any fault with it and will 100% be buying it when I run out of it. At 25 Euros for 50ml it’s also reasonably priced.
Nothing more to say just, love love love it.

Other things you should know:
Biomed is based in Germany and ships internationally.
From what they’ve told me, most of their products are vegan except for: Forget your Age Face mask, Forget your age Eye mask, Forget your age oil. All ingredients for products are detailed on the site so you can easily check before buying.
Biomed Site is here, or you can check their facebook or instagram pages

Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve tried before.



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