This is Sammy, the face that reminds me the effort is worth it

Welcome to Sammy sans Cruelty,

A blog originally started as a place to review cruelty free makeup and educate about animal testing in cosmetics. Nowadays though, the focus is larger and deals with all animal related issues.
I believe that humans don’t really mean to hurt animals, but it happens because they aren’t getting the right information. And that’s what I would like to help with – inform and educate.

The content you can expect to find will have everything to do with stopping animal cruelty in all it’s forms. From animal testing to wildlife preservation and companion animals. It is meant for anyone who is looking for a way to live a better life alongside our animal friends.
I won’t be sharing any gruesome pictures so no need to worry about that, but tons of nerdy facts will be coming your way.

Also, please know that I never judge. Everyone has their own path and anything you can do to help is a step in the right direction. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A few words about me: my name is Vivi (Aviv), a 30 year old veterinary student currently living in Italy with 1 hubby and 1 very cheeky dog named Sammy.

You can contact me for anything at: sammysanscruelty@gmail.com

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