Animal Testing in Science and Drugs

Animal testing in science and pharmaceuticals is obligatory. But can't we find another way?

During the weekend the US Department of Agriculture started to scrub its website of animal testing reports. These reports detailed the conditions animals were held in, in what labs and more. Many of those reports showed labs that do not uphold the minimum requirements for animal well being. Effectively all transparency is now lost and […]

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My Visit to a Pig Farm

A visit to a pig farm was very difficult and I decided to share

Let me start off by saying that this post isn’t meant to convert people to veganism or make some sort of statement about anyone choosing to eat meat. I had to get something off my chest and this is the way I’m doing it. As part of my Vet Medicine course we have to do […]

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Becca Cosmetics selling to Estee Lauder Changed my Mind

Becca Cosmetics selling to Estee Lauder made me change my opinion of cruelty free brands with parent companies who test

Becca Cosmetics has blown up as a brand. Since 2001 they have been gaining momentum and completely exploded with popularity this year. They had a seriously successful collaboration with Jaclyn Hill (with one small hiccup but they recovered quickly), their highlighters have been driving people crazy and their foundation is considered amazing. Such high quality products […]

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Why is Fur Still Popular?

Fur in fashion has seen a rise in the past few years even though it's cruel and pointless. I try to understand why?

Winters in North Italy are cold, and definitely colder than my middle eastern behind is used to. In Israel a 15 C winter is crazy. Europeans on the other hand, laugh and call that beach weather. Ever since moving here I have been freezing every winter, and the need for a good coat is as basic as […]

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Why BSL is Complete BS

Photo by Sophie Gamand. Pitbulls, or any dog for that matter, are not born evil. Which is why BSL laws are ridiculous

BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation, are laws passed in certain countries/areas against specific breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous” by the legislator. They usually target Pit bulls and “Pit bull like” dogs (whatever that means), and ban their existence within the limits of that community. If an owner is found with a dangerous breed of dog, it […]

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