Cruelty Free Makeup – Useful Links

Cruelty free brand lists:

  • Leaping Bunny – international certification for companies that sign with the organisation. The process is lengthy and includes certain dosumentation. They also perform yearly surprise audits for their member companies so you can understand how serious this organisation is. Please note – they do consider Daphnia testing as acceptable:
  • Logical Harmony brand list – The blog Logical Harmony, like Leaping Bunny, has a very comprehensive list and an in-depth vetting process. It is also updated on a weekly basis. You can be sure the products listed under “approved” were never tested on a living being. And together with Leaping Bunny you will definitely cover all your questions and needs:
  • PETA – the well known animal rights advocacy group offers a list of non-testing companies that sign with the organisation. However, they do basically let anyone who pays on the list. I personally do not recommend this list. There are too many loopholes. Still, it’s a good start and a lot of people trust it:


Where to shop online:
When buying online there is always the possibility of buying straight from the official brand site. But if you’re looking for a wider variety of products, like going to the store, here are a few options you can look into:

If you live and Europe and are wondering about the best online stores for cruelty free products and low shipping rates - download this infographic and find out
Cruelty Free online shopping

Also – in the UK you can find Makeup Without Malice – vegan and cf