Why BSL is Complete BS

Photo by Sophie Gamand. Pitbulls, or any dog for that matter, are not born evil. Which is why BSL laws are ridiculous

BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation, are laws passed in certain countries/areas against specific breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous” by the legislator. They usually target Pit bulls and “Pit bull like” dogs (whatever that means), and ban their existence within the limits of that community. If an owner is found with a dangerous breed of dog, it […]

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Hot Tresses Hair Rehab

Hot Tresses Rehab Plan will completely change your hair. It is also cruelty and vegan!

I have a Samson-like relationship with my hair. It is my best feature and I have always relied on it. But recently, maybe for the last year or so, my hair and I haven’t been on the best of terms. Why? Because since moving to Italy the constant humidity and tough water have made my […]

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June LaRitzy Box

The LaRitzy monthly subscription box was packed full of cruelty free and vegan skincare and makeup in June 2016

June has come and gone and the LaRitzy July subscription boxes will be shipped out in a week. But just as June was ending my box arrived (it did have to get all the way to Italy). So, even though this is a little late, I’m going to review it for you anyway. Quite a big […]

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Lily Lolo Mineral Blushes

Mineral blushes by Lily Lolo come in 13 shades, are highly pigmented and have a reasonable price tag

Lily Lolo is a brand I have already talked about (remember?). They are based in the UK but have been spreading like crazy internationally. They have a UK site, a USA/Canada site and are sold by various distributors throughout the world. Their popularity stems from them being a much trusted green beauty brand with mostly […]

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Make Me Blush by Barry M

Barry M Make Me Blush cream stick blushes - easy to use, compact, long lasting and Cruelty Free/Vegan

As it turns out – I am in love with cream blushes. They are so blendable, easy to use and most times I just use my fingers instead of a brush. There are no powders flying everywhere when traveling and they are much more durable for an accident prone person like myself who can barely […]

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April LaRitzy Box

A full review of the April LaRitzy subscription beauty box. All vegan, all cruelty free!

For anyone who doesn’t know about the LaRitzy box yet, it is a vegan and cruelty free subscription box. I started my subscription in February (go here to remember) and really liked the box contents then. Plus the value was crazy. For the April box I was so so on the content. The product quality is […]

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Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer

The Primed and Poreless Primer by high end brand Too Faced is one of the best around

If I’m honest I didn’t understand why primers existed and why I should use one. My morning makeup routine has already made me late more than once to classes, so adding another step would just make everything take longer. But after hearing so much about the Too Faced primers (and receiving a nice paycheck) I […]

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