Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polishes

As you may know, Trust Fund Beauty is a brand I love. Even though I reviewed their lipstick line first a couple of weeks ago, they really began with nail polishes. All nail polishes are cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and 7-free, meaning they don’t contain toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde known to be cancerous. […]

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Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm

The limited edition lipstick line "Lipgasm" from Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty is a company I have been following for a while on Instagram because their feed is all kinds of hilarious. The theme is simple – we all have a rich bitch inside of us, even if we are penniless Vet students who spend more on our dog than ourselves (true story). Everything is […]

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Neve Cosmetics Blush Garden

Neve Cosmetics Blush Garden cream blushes

When I was younger there was a company named Careline . They had a line of blushes meant to make you look like you were blushing, and I loved it. Since then I have been looking for something similar but with no success. Until Neve Cosmetics came out with their new line of Rose Garden cream […]

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Born This Way by Too Faced

Too Faced Born This Way foundation - an amazing foundation that gives great coverage without causing a heavy look

As stated in the post about Lily Lolo – I love mineral makeup. Ever since discovering it I haven’t wanted to go back to the liquid version. Unfortunately, due to a combination of a bad diet and stress, my face has been breaking out like crazy. So much so that the usual powder hasn’t been able […]

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February LaRitzy Box

February LaRitzy box review

Ever since hearing of subscription boxes a few years ago (who was the first one?) I really really wanted one. Thing is, I was already cruelty free so I couldn’t run the risk of receiving a box full of non-tested products. Fast forward to 2016 and not only are there loads of beauty boxes, there are also […]

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Adaptil for Nervous Pets

Many pets have nervous tendencies, cats more than dogs, some breeds more than others. This can be due to some sort of trauma like in rescue pets, or (just like humans) they were just born that way. This nervousness can manifest in many ways and may cause discomfort for both animal and human alike. Think about […]

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